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TV Production

Students will be introduced to basic television production with an emphasis on short film, news production, and video editing.  The class is designed to hone skills through hands-on classroom instruction that enriches individual artistic visions.  Students will learn the basics of script writing, camera operation in a wide range of settings, and the use of Adobe Premiere Pro software for editing.  The majority of the class will be hands on activities to reinforce the topics we are covering.  Students will work in teams to accomplish most of the television production assignments.  Much of what the student will learn comes from my direct professional experience in the field of television production.

 TV Production is an exciting career with many local job opportunities.  We have the most advanced vocational facilities in Louisiana and students will be part of an exciting TV Production course.  

Students looking forward to careers in broadcasting, technology applications and even management will benefit from the program.

About TV Production I

This program serves as an introduction to the fast paced television production industry with an emphasis on pre production, production, and post production.  Our students learn skills like script writing, lighting, camera operation and editing.  

About TV Production II

Students that move into the upper levels of TV Production II will develop skills to become certified in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

TV Production video