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Marie Kalmbach

I was born and raised in southern Illinois and studied Computer Science and Math at Vanderbilt University.  From there, I was hired by the IBM Federal Systems Division in the suburbs of Washington D.C. I worked on a programming project that allowed the US Air Force to control their fleet of satellites, and I worked on a design project to rewrite the Air Traffic Control software for the FAA.

My husband, Bill, and I enjoyed five fun years of living near our nation’s capital, and then we decided to return to his hometown of Shreveport in 1990.  I love living in Louisiana. It is a land of friendly folks, affordable housing, and amazing food. We were blessed with two children: Roger, born in 1993, and Dorothy, born in 1995.  Currently, they are both working on their graduate degrees - my son in Counseling and my daughter in Occupational Therapy.

I enjoyed many rewarding years as a stay-at-home mother and served as an active volunteer at church, in my children’s schools, and in the community.  After a 25-year hiatus, I now return to the world of work as a Computer Programming teacher at BPSTIL. I’m excited to be teaching the students of Bossier Parish about this rewarding career path.  Computer programming is creative problem solving, and there is a high demand for people who have this skill.

Marie Kalmbach
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