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Introduction to Health Occupations

Health care is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the United States with over two hundred different careers available for students to pursue.  Because of high health care costs, multi-skilled workers are growing in demand.

This program introduces students to various health career fields and the basic entry-level knowledge for these fields.  This class will allow students to investigate career paths to assist in determining the ones that best suit them.  Areas to be presented with the help of guest speakers and field trips to various health facilities are as follows:

  • Legal Aspects
  • Infection Control
  • Basic Anatomy and physiology
  • Introduction to medical terminology
  • Safety precautions
  • CPR/first aid certification
  • Overview of various health careers

 This 2 credit course, scheduled for one term, is strongly recommended for the junior level student as a prerequisite for the Nursing Assistant class.  Required scores on the entrance test must be met. Students will also receive dual enrollment for Medical Terminology with BPCC upon successful completion of the course.

Dual Enrollment with BPCC
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Course Name


Course Number


Credit Hour

Medical Terminology (IHO) Medical Terminology ALHT115 3