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Electrical Technology

Introduction to Electrical & Instrumentation Technologies (IEIT)

This course introduces students to basic electricity and instrumentation & control systems fundamentals. Students learn basic circuit theory working with circuit boards and discrete components and learn to read sensors and control devices, using a microcontroller.  The course introduces students to applications in instrumentation & control through project-based learning.  Students are also introduced to industrial standards and documentation practices, including piping and instrumentation diagrams.


Electrical 2: NCCER Electrical Level 1

Electrical 2 allows students to gain hands-on training in the fundamentals of electrical wiring and electrical trades. Students are introduced to elements of residential, commercial and industrial electrical installation and maintenance. The course covers basic orientation to the electrical trades, safety, circuit theory, device boxes, raceways and fittings, and conductors and cables.  Students are introduced to the National Electrical Code (NEC) as a guide to minimum installation requirements for electrical systems.  Students complete written exams and performance tasks to demonstrate proficiency in working with tools and equipment. (Students may choose to take Electrical 1 first with NCCER Core Maintenance.)

These classes will use Google Classroom and Google Drive for additional information and assignments. A running list of daily assignments will be maintained on Google Classroom and course lessons are shared on Google Drive. As a parent or guardian, if you would like to keep track of what is going on in the classroom you can join the Google Classroom using the class code provided on the syllabus.