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Career and Technical Education Internship

Career and Technical Educational Internship-This course will assist students in developing a well-rounded background in the skills common to all industries, to develop leadership and teamwork capabilities, and to work with the technology needed for specific employment skills.  Students will be prepared to successfully seek, apply, interview, secure, and keep a job.   

Entry Requirements:

  1. Technology School Entrance Exam
  2. 16 years of age
  3. Have transportation to class at the Technology School and to workplace
  4. Complete application for the course (available online or from home school counselor)
  5. Attend CTEI class at BPSTIL every day either 1st or 2nd block
  6. Maintain employment for the entire semester

Topics studied in the class during the year:

  1. Personal development and self-assessment
  2.  Workplace ethics
  3. Communication
  4. Time Management
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Customer Service
  7. Employment procedures
  8. Career Portfolio-resume, cover letter, interview techniques, follow-up letters
CTEI video