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Cooperative Office Education

The COE/WP goal is to prepare high school seniors for administrative support roles through a cooperative work experience in an organization outside of the school setting.  The prerequisite for this class is Introduction to Business Computer Applications (IBCA), overall 2.0 gpa, senior classification, and transportation to the Technology School and to their workplace. To receive credit in this class, the student must be in the class all year and attain at least 540 work hours to receive 4 credits.

Topics of Study: 

Topics which will be covered in this class include: human relations unit, time management unit, telephone etiquette unit, records management unit, financial applications unit which will include:  managing a checking account, and creating a budget (using Excel), information processing concepts and applications with topics to include (word processing program-Word 2013, machine transcription, PowerPoint 2013, spreadsheet program-Excel 2013, Publishing software-Publisher), income tax unit, and the creation of a Career Portfolio to include (resume, reference sheet, application, cover letter, interviewing, and follow up letters).